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Jewelry Facts

What the 5th C stands for ?

5th " C " is the cost element of Diamond. Unless and untill the price of Diamond is cost effective, its not worth to buy Diamond from that source.

What is Ideal Cut Diamond ?

Everyone has their own opinion on what Ideal is. Some people prefer a diamond to have a somewhat larger table, say around 60%, so the diamond "looks" bigger; In the market many types of class in diamonds available. Class 1 is Ideal. Class 2 is Very Fine, Class 3 is fair, and Class 4 is Poor. Diamonds other than round brilliant do not always have their cuts measured in such detail because they are classified as "fancy cut" diamonds and have very loose tolerances. For more information regarding our "fancy cut" diamond specifications, please contact Djewels, when buying diamond, especially a round brilliant cut diamond.

What do you mean by Diamond Enhancements?

When buying a Diamond, it is recommended to simply ask for a non-treated or enhanced Diamond and have the dealer clearly indicate on the invoice somewhere that the non treated. There are a variety of diamond enhancements or treatments a Diamond can undergo that can significantly alter the price of the Diamond when compared to a natural Diamond.

Do you Know about Diamond Colour ?

Diamonds with increasing shades of brown and yellow are referred to as champagne diamonds, and diamonds with exceptional color, such as pink, red, green, blue, and amber, are called "Fancies." With the exception of some natural fancy colors, such as blue, pink, purple, or red, the colorless grade is the most rare. The rarest and most prized diamonds are those with no hint of color at all whose beauty is entirely dependent upon their optical properties

Which is the finest Quality in Diamonds ?

Djewels quality standards are among the highest of all Jewellers. As one of the largest online diamond manufacturer, wholesaler & retailer, Djewels offers largest collection of worlds finest cut diamonds. Pre-selected for exceptional quality, the cut, color, and clarity of our loose diamonds are evaluated based on a standardized grading scale.

What do you mean by Diamond Carat ?

The earliest gem traders measured their stones by comparing their weight to the weight of the pods from the carob, or locust tree. These tiny carob seeds are remarkably consistent in weight, and this is where the term ‘carat’ is derived from. The metric carat, which equals 0.20 gram or 1/142 of an ounce, is the standard unit of weight for diamonds and most other gems. One carat is divided into 100 "points." A diamond weighing 50 points = 0.5 carat (ct.), and is expressed as one-half carat

How to Care Diamonds ?

Diamonds can be damaged by impact. Some protection against impact damage is afforded by the prongs of the mount which shield the diamond. There is less protection, and a greater potential for damage, with larger diamonds. We suggest not wearing your diamond ring when engaged in activities where the ring might be hit on hard objects, such as sports or housework.

What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are minerals made of almost pure crystallized carbon (99.95%). They are formed millions of years earlier at depths greater than 75 miles below the earths surface. Here the necessary temperature and pressure are present to create this unique gemstone.

How to measure ring size ?

It is very easy to determine ring size.You do not need to worry about getting a ring without the proper size Wrap a piece of string around the largest part of the finger intended for the Mark with a pen the point where the string overlaps to complete a full circle Remove the string and measure the length of the marked string (in mm).

How to Read a Certificate

Whenever you have questions about diamonds, rely on a good, honest jeweler for answers. Djewels rated the best internet jewelers and created an exclusive network of the best local jewelers in most major areas -- so you would have somewhere to start your search for the truth about diamonds.

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