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Quality Loose Diamonds


Diamond cutting is the art, skill and increasingly, science of changing a diamond from a rough stone into a faceted gem. Diamond cutting requires specialized knowledge, tools, equipment and technique because of its extreme hardness.

Cut has two meanings in relation to diamonds. The first is the shape: round, oval and so on. The second relates to the specific quality pf cut within the shape, and the quality and price will vary greatly based on the cut quality. Since diamonds are very hard to cut, special diamond bladed edges are used to cut them.

Loose Cut Diamond Prices

Loose cut diamond prices can vary, depending on the quality of the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. If you are shopping for certified loose diamonds, and are not quite sure what you should be looking for, you might want to do a bit of research yourself before you buy. There are some things you should look for in a diamond that will determine the price of that diamond.

For instance, two GIA certified diamonds that are of the same carat weight can have varying degrees of color and clarity. Lets say a jeweler put two, one-carat round cut diamonds in front of you to view. One diamond would cost you approximately $6500.00, while the other one was about $4300.00. You would be able to see for yourself that the higher priced stone is more brilliant, with much more sparkle and shine. The reason is simple; the cut, color, and clarity of a diamond increase in quality with the higher the price; these are just some of the factors that our specialists can help you evaluate when youre shopping for that perfect loose cut diamond.

Understanding Loose Cut Diamond Prices

Consumers are often wrongly led to believe that they should buy the biggest diamond they can afford. Little mention is given to the other physical characteristics, such as cut, color, and clarity. However, two similar diamonds can have the same carat weight, but one can be considerably better in terms of quality than the other. Likewise, a smaller diamond can cost more than a bigger diamond if it has little or no internal flaws.

RingsHUT offers educational information on loose cut diamond prices, as well as other important facts about diamonds. As a leader in the diamond business for over 20 years, we offer our clients exceptional customer service, and high-quality stunning loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. Rest assured that one can never know too much about diamonds and precious stones, but our specialists know more than enough to help you make the right decision.


Specific gravity is the density of a substance divided by the density of water. Since water has a density of 1 gram/cm3, and since all of the units cancel, specific gravity is the same number as density but without any units.

Density measures how tight the atoms are "packed" together (it results from the proportion of mass and volume).

Diamonds specific gravity is 3.52.

Poorly colored or heavily included single crystals are used for industrial purposes.

Beauty lays in the uniqueness of each stone and in their "inner fire" - the structure reaching perfection captures and releases light in a fascinating manner. Each diamond is endowed with its own personality and character and this is what makes it a precious, cherished gift.

Certified Diamonds -Know What You Are Buying

When you buy a diamond ring from most jewelers, how do you know what quality of diamond you are getting, or even if its weight is correct? When you buy a diamond which has been graded and certified by an independent laboratory, you can be reasonably sure about the quality you are getting.

Prior to certified loose diamonds, diamond purchases were a matter of trust between the jeweler and the buyer. Back then a lucky diamond buyer would be given a diamond loupe to examine the diamond for a few seconds. Since very few people are experts in diamond grading, certified loose diamonds offer peace of mind knowing the exact quality of your diamond. Once the quality of the loose diamond has been established, it much easier to shop for a diamond engagement ring.

Unmounted Diamonds - Lower Prices

By buying a loose diamond, you can pay much lower prices than buying it ready made into a ring.We can also supply a ring mount of your own choice and design, or you can have your diamond mounted by you own favourite jewelery.

Why Isnt Every Diamond Certified?

Diamond grading laboratories charge fees for their work, so its only worth paying for larger or better diamonds to be certificated. The extra cost needs to be weighed against the fact that the diamond should be easier to sell. Also many customers prefer to see a complete ring rather than a selection of loose diamonds. There is however a far more practical reason why most jewellers are reluctant to get involved in promoting graded diamonds, they need to protect their profits margins, and certificated diamonds would make it easier to shop around.

Matching Diamonds - Buying Two or More Diamonds

If you need to buy a number of matching stones, any quantity from two upwards, it is not quite as simple as shopping round for a single diamond. It now becomes quite important to ensure that the dimensions of the stones match, and that they match in other respects such as color, clarity and cut. Two diamonds which have the same grade on paper may not match each other in real life. In this case it may be best to revert to buying your ring complete, perhaps having it made for you by special order to your own requirements. There is then nothing to stop you having the stones graded before they are set, to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. This approach would be worth using if the piece of jewelry you wanted was of particularly high quality or used particularly large diamonds. Obviously we can help you with this project as we are experienced at dealing in diamonds both loose and ready mounted into rings.

Reputable Loose Diamond Wholesalers

With globalization and the huge Internet boom, it is easy to see why so many businesses are taking their marketing to the Worldwide Web. When you conduct business on the Internet, you simply can reach a much larger audience. Loose diamond wholesalers are no different from other businesses, in that they realize the potential to reach millions of consumers by marketing their product through specialized websites. However, when you make purchases through the Internet, you really must proceed forward with caution to make sure you are protected.

RingsHUT is one of the most trusted loose diamond wholesalers on the Worldwide Web today. They make sure that your payment information is kept confidential by using a very secure server. In addition, they supply their buyers with certification papers from reputable laboratories, which inspect diamonds and give them a grade. Furthermore, you can take home your diamond for a full 30 days to see if its all you had hoped it would be. If its not, you can simply return it to RingsHUT with all the original paperwork.

Certified Loose Diamonds

Traditionally, only jewelers purchased certified loose diamonds from suppliers that sold diamonds and other precious stones. However, it is becoming more common for consumers to purchase wholesale loose diamonds directly from the supplier, and have them made into rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. This can be a different approach to take if you want to design a piece of jewelry that stands out from everything youve seen in retail jewelry stores.

Certified loose diamonds come in many shapes, cuts, carats, and colors, which means that you have a lot more to think about than just choosing a diamond. Of course, it all depends on your taste, as well as the type of jewelry you are going to create with the diamond(s). For instance, if you were planning on purchasing several round cut diamonds to make into an anniversary band, you would want to match the color of each diamond. In contrast, if you were interested in a solitaire anniversary band, this would not be a consideration.

Consider Price When You Purchase Certified Loose Diamonds

Remember, all diamonds are not created equal. You can look at two round cut, one-carat diamond solitaires, and see two completely different things. Maybe one cost considerably less than the other, but you will more than likely notice a lack of brilliance and sparkle in the cheaper diamond. Dont be fooled into the thinking that the bigger the diamond is, the better it is.

Diamonds on Web is an established supplier of top-quality diamonds with over 20 years of industry experience. We can offer you a wide selection of certified loose diamonds that vary in cut, color, carat, and clarity, at a price that can fit your budget. We have expert gemologists ready to assist you, and we would be more than happy to share our knowledge with you if you are in the market for a loose diamond or finished diamond jewelry.



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